Thursday, September 2, 2010

Labor Day

The start of fall, going back to school, college football season, a three day weekend. This year- Nericka's wedding! I guess it's actually the increased anticipation of fall, since TX probably won't see any of that for another 3-4 weeks. Regardless, we have another wedding to attend on Sunday. Nate and Ericka are getting married here:

yah, it's in Austin. We're staying downtown, for the $30 convenience of not driving home and ensuring the after party.

I'm also going to use my 3.5 days of fun (the .5 being the last week of my summer hours at work) to make many delicious concoctions. This week I've been craving banana bread, homemade granola bars, and homemade soft pretzels. Thus, a trip to the grocery store, and quite possibly a return to the Farmers Market are in order. We made two of those three things in HS Foods class, but unfortuntately those recipe cards are back in Kansas. I'll have to remember to bring them with me when I go back for Thanksgiving.

In addition to the baking, I have 3 or 4 more episodes of Mad Men before I'm caught up with season four. Woa, somebody in the office must be using a bunch of white out. or dry erase markers. geeze, I'm getting dizzy over here.

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