Thursday, October 21, 2010

Farewell 23

Last week I started writing this outrageously long post about all the bands I saw at ACL and how great they all were... but then I got really bored with myself. Yes, they were nearly all great and yes, it was a terrific weekend, and heck yes we already bought our tickets to next year's fest, but... that's enough of that.

This past weekend Chris and his boyfriends went to Nebraska. And now they're famously featured on Burnt Orange Nation. While the bf was OOT I was unbelievably productive. Proof:

and I absolutely do not believe this, but some girl sold her version of this bracelet on Etsy for $2.50! That is like a 300% profit. Well, if you are jealous of that buyer, as a faithful reader of my blog, if you want, I will make you one for $0.

I also made this wooden fish thing, but I just spent about 10 minutes searching for pictures of it online, and came back empty handed. I'll add one later, because trust me, you want to see it.

Oh, and I watched movies:
The Terminal
I Love You Man
The Social Network
Clash of the Titans (The new one, and to be honest, the first 30 min was all I could take)
Across the Universe
Fever Pitch

and possibly my proudest accomplishment all weekend- my Halloween costume is finished! Glorious.

So, tomorrow is my birthday. Undoubtedly, much excitement will ensue...

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