Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Favorite Things

Oprah’s last ever Favorite Things episode was last week. Obviously my life is not as extravagant as hers, but I still going to have my most favoritest things. If I could give these to all of you, I would. Maybe someday when I make as much money as Oprah does…

Jane's Favorite Things 2010 Edition
1. The inspiration for this post. I really wish I hadn’t been so judgey toward her empire for so long. I didn’t even start watching until last spring. But, I’m hooked.

2. If I could, I’d give the complete series of all my favorite shows to anybody who thought they’d like it. I really like television, so this year goes to:

3. Natalie got me the most adorable apron for my birthday. And I wear it all the time.

4. This year I ran some 5ks. With obstacles. The most frustrating part of training was when my feet would hurt rather than my legs, knees, or chest. Chris and I found these socks at Marshall's, instantly preventing all my previous blister ailments.

5. After five glorious years, I finally got new Rainbows.

6. The best thing about Texas is that summer can go from April – September. My former boss gave me a pool flotation device last year. It basically looks like this chair, except it's a "lay down" style pool raft. Although it has since popped, I used it every weekend this summer.

7. Going along with Favorite Thing #6. Give me two of these, a paperback book, and I’ll be at the pool for hours. It’s even better when Chris brings me out another bottle and a hotdog!

8. Although there were a lot of delicious food discoveries this year (greek yogurt, Popchips, Four Loco, everything at Estancia), I have to give my Favorite Things of the year to the fast and easy Michellean Lean Gormet Buffalo Chicken Poppers frozen meal. First discovered at Mark’s house in Dallas, I now have to limit myself to only 1 serving a week. Cuz if you eat too many of them you’ll turn into one.

9. Austin on the Cheap, Groupon, Localiter, Buy With Me, 365 Things to Do, etc. I even setup an alternate email address to filter all the “deal of the days” I’ve subscribed to. I love it! So many new and local things to try at excellent discounts.

10. I know it’s cheesy, but being the first year I’ve cohabited, I’m making my favorite thing of 2010… my boyfriend. Aww shucks.

Monday, November 15, 2010

A Change of Season

Last week we had 80 degree weather for 3 days, keeping our apartment right at a steamy 78 degrees, until, praise the earth’s orbit, on Saturday it dropped down to the low 50s. The apartment temperature now hovers between 63 and 68. Despite that comfortable level, I’ve been getting increasingly hot during the night. When I first met Chris he typically slept with 1 fleece UT blanket and 1 standard bed sheet. That’s it! I, however, dreamed my whole life to have a plush down comforter on my grown-up sized bed. Thus, for Christmas last year, we invested in my ideal bedding. Although this created a luxurious chamber to sleep, it also made me really ridiculously hot. I thought I’d adjust, but the problem persisted. So, I thought it was logical to just remove the duvet cover and sleep with a sheet and the down comforter. Sadly, this leaves the nice (and expensive) comforter open to germs, dust mites, sleep stains, and the need for frequent washing. So, on Sunday afternoon we journeyed over to the new 183/Mopac Bed Bath and Beyond to try and find a solution to my night sweats.

So, Chris and I are both Libras, and although I don’t follow astrology, I blame our similar birth dates for our horrific indecisiveness. The salesperson told me there was no sheet or duvet cover solution for my temperature increase. Basically, we need to spend a hundred something dollars and buy a thinner comforter, or we are forced to return to the bedding of Chris’s bachelorhood. So, after 45 minutes of wandering and pondering, we returned nearly empty handed.

The icing on our fail of a cake was the $16 Yankee Candle we both had to have. It’s like, Autumn Bliss flavor or something? As hard as it is to describe scent, if you just imagine everything perfect about fall (crisp weather, football, apples, Thanksgivingy, leaves, cinnamon, open windows) and then just tone all of those smells down a little bit, you have this candle. It’s jumbo sized too so I can cherish it greatly the next few weeks, and anticipate its return come next year.