Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Favorite Things

Oprah’s last ever Favorite Things episode was last week. Obviously my life is not as extravagant as hers, but I still going to have my most favoritest things. If I could give these to all of you, I would. Maybe someday when I make as much money as Oprah does…

Jane's Favorite Things 2010 Edition
1. The inspiration for this post. I really wish I hadn’t been so judgey toward her empire for so long. I didn’t even start watching until last spring. But, I’m hooked.

2. If I could, I’d give the complete series of all my favorite shows to anybody who thought they’d like it. I really like television, so this year goes to:

3. Natalie got me the most adorable apron for my birthday. And I wear it all the time.

4. This year I ran some 5ks. With obstacles. The most frustrating part of training was when my feet would hurt rather than my legs, knees, or chest. Chris and I found these socks at Marshall's, instantly preventing all my previous blister ailments.

5. After five glorious years, I finally got new Rainbows.

6. The best thing about Texas is that summer can go from April – September. My former boss gave me a pool flotation device last year. It basically looks like this chair, except it's a "lay down" style pool raft. Although it has since popped, I used it every weekend this summer.

7. Going along with Favorite Thing #6. Give me two of these, a paperback book, and I’ll be at the pool for hours. It’s even better when Chris brings me out another bottle and a hotdog!

8. Although there were a lot of delicious food discoveries this year (greek yogurt, Popchips, Four Loco, everything at Estancia), I have to give my Favorite Things of the year to the fast and easy Michellean Lean Gormet Buffalo Chicken Poppers frozen meal. First discovered at Mark’s house in Dallas, I now have to limit myself to only 1 serving a week. Cuz if you eat too many of them you’ll turn into one.

9. Austin on the Cheap, Groupon, Localiter, Buy With Me, 365 Things to Do, etc. I even setup an alternate email address to filter all the “deal of the days” I’ve subscribed to. I love it! So many new and local things to try at excellent discounts.

10. I know it’s cheesy, but being the first year I’ve cohabited, I’m making my favorite thing of 2010… my boyfriend. Aww shucks.

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