Friday, January 28, 2011

The Packing Has Begun

It’s pretty nice when I pick up something Chris has and say, “Chris, do you really like this?” Chris looks at me, looks at whatever is in my hand and responds, “Uhh, I guess not….” Immediately, said item ends up in the trash or goodwill pile.
The first thing I’ve gotten rid of was this weird Ikea rock/reed decoration. I feel the same way about functionless decorations as guys feel about throw pillows. What is the point? They are just taking up extra space that could have something really cool-looking and really functional! Don’t get me wrong, our new home will most definitely have more throw pillows. And candles. Candles have a function! But random glass containers filled with manufactured pebbles… since when have pebbles been pretty? And the glass container wasn’t even artsy.
So, I threw away the reed and fake dried-up folage, but kept the rocks and the container because I know with a little craftiness and creativity, I might learn to appreciate function-less decorations.

Behold, our future:

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