Wednesday, February 16, 2011

more favorite things

On Friday, Chris and I got cable TV. Neither of us have had it in years, at least as long as we’ve been together. I last had it spring 2008, living in LA. Chris said he had it then too, when he was supposedly single, and would come home every day, sit down with a bucket of peanuts on his lap, and watch ESPN. Since then, we’ve had a fine time TIVOing various series on basic antenna channels, and watching everything else online. However, both of us have really missed the late night nonfiction shows. History, Discovery, Travel, TLC, HGTV, oh how I’ve missed them. So, we decided we’d use our bonus/tax refund/savings on the new rent for the monthly AT&T Uverse bill.
It took me a day or so to get used to the new format, but as soon as I did, I set up “season passes” for oh golly, so many amazing things. The best of the best, is of course, my all time favorite show. And no, it’s not Lost. And it’s not Gilmore Girls. Boy. Meets. World.

I like it so much I am sitting here eating my lunch, thinking about watching some episodes when I get home this evening!

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