Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I know it can be annoying to some, but I am definitely one of those people who likes telling others about my dreams. Even though I know it’s impossible for somebody else to see exactly what I can while I’m sleeping, I’m going to try my darndest to describe it for you.
I still remember the images from a dream I had in 7th grade. Two of my friends (one female, one male) were swimming in the pool. It wasn’t romantic or anything, they were just playing around like kids. The weird part was at one moment, when my male friend swam right up to face my female friend, and she proceeded to pick the freckles right off of his face. Just pick them, one by one.
And that was the dream.

Definitely one of the weirdest I’ve ever had.

So last night, as is becoming more frequently, I had a scary dream. I have never been too interested in what your dreams mean, but I would like to why I keep having nightmares. They usually involve car chases, gangsters mistaking me for a villain, or other ridiculous movie-like events.

Anyways, last night I dreamt I was back in Kansas, driving the old Toyota Previa along State Line Road with Hank and Reggie. It wasn’t painted yet, but it was still about 20 years old with close to a million miles on it. It was too old to make it on i-435, which is a key point of the story. So the three of us are just driving along, oh, and the van also had a trailer hitch on the back of it. Like, to carry lawn equipment, except there was not any lawn equipment on it, just the trailer. So we’re driving north on State Line Rd, when all of a sudden some hooligans are behind us, shooting at us. Using real-live guns. Hank is driving, I think, and I’m in the backseat. We all duck down, and make a left on Mission Rd. Somehow, we speed up ahead of the villains a little, and I don’t see them following us. I keep insisting that Hank turn right into a neighborhood road, so we can hide, since there is no way we can outrace the bad guys. But Hank doesn’t want to hide; he argues that we will be found and then we will be stuck, since the van takes a long time to get going once it’s parked. We keep arguing, while I slowly peek out the back window. I am startled to see one of the hooligans crouching down on the back trailer, which is attached to our car! We are towing him! Well this changes everything, because there is no reason to hide if he will just lead his buddies to our spot! So, the three of us try to think of a way to turn suddenly to knock him off the trailer. We argue more about how to get him off. Should we just park the car and then beat him down in the street? All the while the other car of hooligans is gaining on us, and the van keeps creaking along.
This whole time, I keep thinking, “if only the van were a better car and we could just hop on i-435 and race out of here, then we’d be saved.”

That was it. Yeah, usually my nightmares don’t have endings, just lots of stress and fear.

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