Tuesday, May 31, 2011

grilling and pooling

Long weekends are the best. They are basically the closest thing to summer vacation when you don’t get a summer vacation anymore. I was trying to think of what to write for a blog post, since I haven’t updated in awhile, but there hasn’t really been one event noteworthy. So I’ll just summarize my weekend, in bullets, which are way more fun to read than paragraphs.

• Summer hours! I got to leave work at 12:30pm.
• Got my haircut. Nobody can ever tell, but I like it. It was very needed.
• Finished Oprah's last season. Cried a little.
• Soccer game v. a previously undefeated team. Heck yes we won. 2-1.
• Duck Tales, The Movie, The Treasure of the Lost Lamp.
Chris and I made it about halfway through before...
• 2:30am fell asleep. So late!

• 11:00am wake up. So late!
• I made Mediterranean Chickpea Salad for Nericka’s bbq. Great success.
• Went to Specs for weekend supplies. Look what I found!
• Attended Nericka’s bbq. Ate some meat. Drank some Woodard Hefe. Bravo to Brewmaster Nate for the refreshingly sweet first homebrew. First of much more, I hops… errr…. hope. Har, har, har, beer jokes.
• Finally visited the infamous Canary Roost.
• Karaoke!
• Chris/Nate conspired a definitely-not-needed stop at McDonalds. Pretty much solidifying Nericka’s absence from the Doggy Du Dash on Sunday morning.

• 9:15am wake up. Now that’s more like it!
• Pool with flotation device, nalgene bottle, and latest issue of GQ.
• 1:30pm “Whoops I forgot about it and now I’m starving, leftover lunch.”
• More pool, until the children all show up. One of them pokes me with a noodle saying, “Who are you?” Sooo I leave.
• 3pm Accidental futon nap.
• 4:00pm Chris discovers I have fallen asleep and wakes me up to go to Alan and Carmen’s BBQ.
• BBQ at Alan and Carmen's house. All day smoked ribs, deviled eggs, lemon bars, and these:
What is that, you ask? Heck yes is a chocolate chip cookie with an oreo stuffed in the middle of it.
• Movie night with Chris: Wall Street. The original. I give it 4 stars.

• 9:00am wake up.
• I made Spinach Balls. Which were weird, but good. Sorta.
• Finished GQ.
• Went to James & Jaime’s pool for some vball, grilling, and canned Summer Shandy.
• Finished off an excellent weekend with almost all of Cedar Rapids. I am really not good at finishing movies.

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Rachel said...

I want to come do holiday weekends with you!