Thursday, June 2, 2011


I said to my friend this morning, "It will be fall before you know it." Seriously, did May not fly by??

Last weekend was such a perfect balance of relaxation and socialization, that I'm really trying to do that all the time. I get so antsy if I just sit around all day doing nothing. However, if I sit around by myself for 5 hours a day, and then get around 5 hours of social interaction I'm a happy camper!

Anybody want to do some of these fun Austin things?

Friday & Saturday there's FREE ballet at Zilker Park
Ballet Under the Stars
Bring a chair, bring a picnic, bring some wine. Get cultured.

How Austin is this? Free beer tastings at a convenience store!
Sunrise Mini Mart
Friday from 4-6pm

I am going to try and convince Chris to go the Cupcake Smackdown with me.
Free admission, we have never been to the Hops and Grain brewery, and I have really been wanting to go. It says if you want to shoot the cupcake cannon at somebody, you have to bring some cupcakes. Um, okay!

And on top of all that, my book is due back to the library on Monday, plus we have our last soccer game of the season on Friday night.

Should be a good one!

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