Thursday, June 9, 2011

music is my boyfriend

I got my ipod-mini as a high school graduation gift in 2005. I LOVED it. It was always clipped to my shorts during work-outs, next to me at the pool, or in my pocket on the airplane. After a year or so, it would only work if it was playing while plugged in, and after unplugging it, I couldn’t push any buttons, or it’d turn off. I would get so frustrated when my music would die just as I was beginning to exercise.
So, eventually I stopped attempting to use it, met Chris, and “borrowed” his ipod touch all the time. Sadly, he had filled it with this seriously emo, anti-pump-it up songs and much to my dismay; he wouldn’t let me change any of the music… Then, one glorious Christmas in 2009 Chris lovingly gave me little maroon Sansa mp3 player. It’s about the size of an ipod shuffle, and holds plenty of fast-paced, pump-it-up music for running. Although it also has a radio, it doesn’t store any playlists, so I am still without any chill music for airplane rides.

I requested an invitation to Google’s Music Beta about a month ago, when they first “tweeted” that it was available. Basically, it’s a cloud music player, which syncs everything between you home computer, work computer, and cell phone. Amazon also has a Cloud Music Player, which doesn’t require an invitation, but does have a max storage capacity (unless you want to pay for more). The Amazon Cloud Player is similar, but only holds 5 GBS (I upgraded to 20 GBS for $.99). Any song you buy on Amazon will automatically go into your Cloud Player, and from there can be quickly downloaded onto any other computer. Amazon also gives out tons of free songs all the time, so I’ve really enjoyed this feature. On Google Music Beta- one of the coolest things it claims to do is save recently played songs or selected albums, artists, or playlists so they’re available when you’re not online. Like… on an airplane!

One of the reasons I never invested in a new ipod was because my phone could also play music. Although I never used this feature, now that I have an HTC Evo Shift, I’d be silly not to sync it with this Google Music system. Because now I can use my phone like an ipod when I’m on the plane. Without any additional fee.

You can request an invitation to Google Music Beta.
Or start using the Amazon Cloud Player.

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