Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Playoff Season!

I first mentioned one of my favorite blogs, Football vs. Girlfriend this past fall during football season, when much like that blogger, my boyfriend was glued to the television during every game. It wasn’t just on weekends, the geniuses over at the NFL figured out a way to drag football games from Thursdays-Mondays. Nearly every night there was something to watch.

So, football season has long passed, but that doesn’t mean my boyfriend is done watching television. Right when one sport ends, another starts up. Sometimes they even overlap!

This weekend we watched the UT baseball team beat Arizona State University to make their way to the College World Series in Omaha. Don’t get me wrong, I love baseball. I grew up in a baseball loving, softball playing family, so it’s always been my sport. And UT is a fun team to watch, so hook ‘em horns!

Sunday night I also watched the first period of the NBA finals. I have never really liked basketball, but GQ filled me in on the Lebron drama, so yeehaw Mavs. And yes, I left after the 1st period to go home and watch Scott Pilgrim v. the World.
(my favorite scene in the movie, sooo true.)

This past week or so has also been Chris’s version of the Superbowl, Olympics, NBA finals, World Series, World Cup, etc. etc. all combined. The Stanley Cup Finals. I’ve shut myself up in the office a dozen or so times in the past two weeks to escape his passionate viewing of the NHL playoffs. I tried to watch a game or so with him, but his profane screaming is seriously too much for me to handle.
(This is not Chris, but it sort of looks like Jason Segal. Maybe?)

Luckily, we have a futon in the office upstairs, so I’ve been really busy watching so many movies!
In addition to Scott Pilgrim, which was surprisingly entertaining, these past few weeks I’ve watched:
No Strings Attached
Nowhere Boy
Love and Other Drugs
Taking Woodstock
Exit Through the Gift Shop

If you haven’t seen that last one, I’d definitely recommend it. It’s a 90ish minute long documentary about street art in the 2000s. It's really interesting to learn a bit about the artists who’ve made a lot of the art I’ve seen recently on the internetz.
Some work from the filmmaker, Banksy.
Banksy Maid. This was painted over in 2008.

Kissing Coppers, on the side of a pub in Brighton. I just read that after being there for 7 years, it's being shipped to the US.

Flower Chucker

I’d say the movie did a lot to open my eyes on the graffiti v. art topic. And in my opinion, this stuff is most definitely art. It kept reminding me about all the cool art around downtown Austin.
The Austin Postcard Mural, on South 1st Street

Jeremiah, The Innocent, off the corner of 21st and Guad.

On South Congress. Always great for engagement photos.

(These are just random people, but thanks anyways Ben Goodkin photography.)

AND, I’m going to be so much more aware street art when I’m traveling this summer. Who knows what I'll see in Cleveland, Portland, and Seattle?!


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