Tuesday, June 7, 2011

totally NOT excited

Chris and I have been really Not Excited for the past few months, anxiously awaiting Ericka’s birthday party this weekend when this HUGE secret would finally come out. Well, as we learned yesterday, Nate sucks at secret keeping so we don’t have to wait any longer. It is time to rejoice. Are you ready readers?

Nate and Ericka are coming to the Gorge too!!!


You can read more about my excitement for The Gorge here, or here.

Since like… March, when the tour was announced, Ericka really wanted to come. She kept asking Nate, who doesn’t really like that sort of music that much. Every time it came up he would either change the subject or ignore it completely. Little did she know he had already bought festival tickets AND plane tickets for them! (Awwwww, what a sneaky husband!)

Labor Dave is going to be SO fun. Especially fun with two more friends coming along!


Natalie said...

what's the gorge? do give details!

jane la said...

I added some links within the post to previous posts about it. Should be clearer what all the excitement is about!