Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Peace Out Austin

Sheesh, and I thought last week was busy.

I have planned this trip from top to bottom. Thanks to the recommendations from Yelp, Trip Advisor, Draft Magazine, and GQ, I feel like we know what to see and where to go. And well, if not, at least I’ll have this to keep me happy.

Portland has repeatedly been named as the place to live after you’ve done your time in Austin, thus, I will return home with a full report on its livability.

And just when I think there’s nothing else to do but finish packing, Chris’s body decides it doesn’t want him feel good. Traveling while you’re sick? Soo not fun. Traveling for 10 days while you’re sick? Ugh, the worst. Here’s hoping he starts to feel better so that we can enjoy this vacation together.

Dad likes to send me picture mails to remind me he's already there.

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