Friday, September 9, 2011


As Labor Day comes and goes, so do summer hours at LIM. I took full advantage of them this year, as I’m pretty sure I left at noon nearly every Friday from April-August. Thus, today I’m writing a blog post during the last hour of my work day.

A quick update on the Bastrop fires: sadly, Natalie’s parents’ house was totally destroyed. However, Debbie’s neighborhood was just out of reach from the blazes. Donations are still needed. Check out the Red Cross of Central Texas, or KVUE for a list of items needed. I’m swinging by Z’Tejas after work to drop off some things my co-workers brought in this week.

I wish I could stop for an appetizer too; however Chris and I are having Mexican night at home tonight. Unsurprisingly, one of the things we’ve missed the most from all of our Pacific Northwest travels has been good Mexican food. Together, we’re going to make Black Bean Taquitos and Beef Empanadas and he’ll blend up some frozen margaritas. (Not to worry, I will not partake in anything Tequila-related, ever, ever again). I’ve made these Whole Foods Taquitos before and they were incredibly delicious. Just sub black beans for the shredded chicken and voila!

Photo from Naturally Ella

Besides that, I definitely plan to take it easy and relax this weekend. My fifth Austin City Limits Music Festival is next weekend (eeeee! Already!) so the toughest thing I want to do this weekend is finish up this little gem:

It’s due back to the library on Wednesday, but I’m pretty sure I’ll finish it well before then.

Happy September everybody.

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