Thursday, October 20, 2011

Finally Fall.

But is it here to stay?

We opened the windows for two whole days last week, only for it to get back up to 89, forcing us to shut everything up and turn the AC back on. But then, hoping the forecast was correct, we turned it off and opened them up once more, and now… THREE DAYS LATER, our house still feels nice and fresh. I actually fell asleep last night without turning on the ceiling fan. WHAT?!

And, considering I just scheduled a meeting for OCTOBER TWENTY-SEVENTH, I’d say it’s about time, Texas, it’s about dang time!

No, but seriously, October is almost over? Holy moley that was fast.

But it’s not over yet! Happy Birthday to ME on Saturday. *Gulp*

I’m looking forward to relaxing, spending some time outside, and eating all of my favorite foods with some of my favorite people. No chores at all!

Saturday also starts the highly anticipated (at least among my family), Austin Beer Week. I'm trying to convince Chris to go to Draught House with me on Wednesday for the Hops & Grain premiere. FREE mustache glasses!

Check out the rest of the schedule here.

However tonight...

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