Thursday, November 3, 2011


Doesn’t it feel like it has already been weeks since Halloween? It’s only November THIRD. Wait a second, it’s already November THIRD?!?! Thanksgiving Day is only THREE WEEKS from today!?!? I’m going home to Kansas this year, as I did last year. I decided Christmas in Kansas is much too cold, so I’ll just keep going back up there for Turkey Day. It’s still a bit cold, but much, MUCH more tolerable.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Our dear friends Nate and Ericka (Nericka) had a smashing Halloween party on Friday. Naturally, I made some snacks.
Thanks to Pinterest, I found these adorable mummy-looking pigs in a blanket. I forgot to take a pic of the after shot, but they basically looked just like this.
Also, courtesy of Alison’s facebook pic, I copied her brilliantly simple idea for the ghost-cheese sticks.
And thirdly, once again I took Iowa Girl Eat’s recipe for CRACK DIP. Seriously people, this is dangerously delicious. I made 2 batches using the puff corn suggestion. This might become an annual dish.
It was scary good.

Here’s a few shots of Chris and my AWARD WINNING Halloween costumes this year.
Ms. Frizzle and the School Bus.

A Devil, Pinterest, Ms. Frizzle, Pinky, Kelly Kapowski, and Leela.

We had a magical time at Nericka’s party.
Also this weekend, Chris parents’ and my dad and his wife did their first ever meet and greet, coinciding with the UT v. KU game.
Oh, and did I mention I got a new camera for my birthday? I LOVE it.

So, the boyfriend leaves for Germany on Sunday. After nearly 5 years at his company, he finally gets to visit their German office. I’m stoked for him. And, back in Austin, for 10 whole days, I’m going to go to read so many books, go to sleep by 10pm and only cook vegetarian meals. Get ready, it might get crazy.

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Rachel said...

Adore the costume, Jane. Meriahna is still watching episodes in class at LES. Never gets old...though I'm assuming the science does so...not sure about that one.