Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Favorite Things!

It’s time. My second annual Favorite Things. In my life, this was a really good year for the arts. I did a lot of book reading, crafting, and blog reading. So, here they are, in no particular order.

1. Best-Selling Book Series
I started 2010 reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series and could not put them down. They remind me of episodes of Alias because each episode/chapter ends with a sick cliff-hanger.
Then, toward the end of the summer I sped through The Hunger Games trilogy and am subsequently sooo excited for the movies.
Book 1) Loved it. Book 2) Got annoyed, but cried. Book 3) Cried again, dagnabit.

2. Pinterest
An excellent source for recipes, crafts, and internet hilarity. It is also, a really convenient way to organize wish lists, to-do lists, and gift-giving lists. It's definitely in the early stages of development and has a few kinks to work out, but I am hopeful the interface continues to improve.
Let me know if you want an invitation.

3. Sprouts
Sprouts has really great deals on produce, wine, bulk nuts, and organic chicken breasts. Sometimes they’ll do crazy $1 greek yogurt sales too. Although their cashiers cannot compare to HEB’s speedy college-students, because the store is much smaller, if I stick to my list, I can typically get in and out in under 30 minutes.
4. The Wire
Words cannot express how good The Wire is. It’s so good, I cannot list any other TV shows I’ve been watching this year, this one series takes the cake. And we’re only on season three!
5. Greek Yogurt
This has become one of my necessities for 2011. A little cup of yogurt is a perfect afternoon snack to prevent hunger from hitting until after a 4:30pm workout. Add a dab of honey or some fresh berries and yum yum delicioso. Because we usually have it in the fridge, I’ve tried to find some dinner recipes that incorporate it too. This year, my friends and I have feasted on Grilled Portobello Philly-"Steak" Sandwiches with blue cheese sauce, Turkey Stroganoff, and most recently, some tasty veggie dip – all made with greek yogurt.
6. Spotify
I know I’ve mentioned it before, but Spotify is excellent. It’s similar to Pandora and Grooveshark. You can pick almost any artist, song, or album and stream it on demand. You can also link it to several computers so you’ll have the same playlist at work and at home. And, you can share playlists through facebook, or by giving friends your specific link. And, it will play any music you have stored on your computer commercial free. Seeya later itunes!
7. My Black Mini Backpack
Funny story about this one. My mom came to visit me last January carrying this really nicely sized black backpack. Perfect for traveling, music festivals, or (in our case) hiking trips. I complimented her on it's simple and efficient design and she laughed saying, "oh, I have lots of these at the hospital. I'll get you one." It's a formula bag! She got them get from some vendor. I use mine all the time and absolutely love it. What's the saying, "Sometimes the best gifts in life are free?" Yes.
8. Favorite Beer and Wine
New Belgium La Folly: The best beer I’ve had all year. I recommend you try it, but I will warn you, it sort-of tastes like a sour patch kid. It's not quite as sweet, but it does not taste like "normal" beer.
Rene Barbier Mediterranean White: This wine is very Lemonade-tasting, and I love it. Typically I've found bottles from $4-$6 each and worth every penny.
9. Plastic Cup w/ Straw
I got my plastic cup with plastic straw this summer from Chris’ company picnic. Then I accidentally left it at James’ house and still haven’t gone to get it back. But then, at work, one of our vendors gave them to us as Christmas gifts. Rejoice! This is the best cup ever invented because it fits in a car cup-holder, can easily refill with ice, and offers protection from thirsty cats. Just be careful not to knock it over.
This is not mine, but it is very similar

10. Google Reader
If you haven’t started using your Google Reader yet I encourage you to set that baby up ASAP. Here’s some of my favorite reads of this year, not counting anything written by my friends. Obviously those blogs are really my favorites.
Joy the Baker
Iowa Girl Eats (ha, I mention Kristin's blog aaaaall the time.)
The Hairpin
The Blogress
This was most definitely, the year of the Big Metal Chicken. Reference.

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Sarah said...

That beer looks like coke, lol. And you are too cute with your formula bag.