Thursday, June 21, 2012

Holy Walkamolies!

To me, it’s felt like summertime since March, but according to the real calendar, today is officially the first day of summer. Hurray!

Down here, we’re kicking things off with the return of Austin SSC Kickball. This will be my sixth season playing kickball, after a year’s hiatus. I was introduced to the sport in the fall of 2008, just as Chris and I started dating. I recall one of our first dates, when he took me out to celebrate my 22nd birthday. Our dinner was early, around 5pm, and as we were finishing up he asks me, “I was wondering what you wanted to do after dinner, I sort-of have a kickball game…” He was hoping I’d be up for it, and naturally I was. So, he grabbed his bag from the car, changed into his gear, and we were off to the fields.

It was the first time I’d witnessed SSC Kickball. The sport is played just like it was in fifth grade; however the ball is hilariously large. Chris’ team was all extremely friendly toward me, but I was quite shy. We’d been dating for about 2.5 weeks, maybe?

Then, I’m not sure if it was during this game, or one of the next ones, but Chris was playing shortstop, and leapt up to grab the ball. He caught it, but somehow managed to flip halfway forward, landing quit hard, on his shoulder. The fall resulted in what he deemed, the Sam Bradford injury, and took quite a few weeks to heal. It was the first of many kickball-related injuries in years to come. I most recently recall him sliding into home (he was totally out) creating a gigantic gash on his leg. The gash didn’t heal for months, and it wasn’t until he started getting swollen lymphoids on his hips did he go to the doctor and discover the infection.

Needless to say, I’m really excited for the new season to start.

Spring 2010, Heinekicks & Jagerballs

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kleighwigley said...

KICKBALL!!!! Man, I need to come home. Miss you all!