Friday, June 1, 2012

things that are making me happy

This week hasn't been my best. But despite the blah of everyday monotony, these three things have been making me smile.

1. The source of this post's title
My dear friend, Natalie, clued me in on the genius of this weekly podcast. It's the only podcast I listen to, and I quickly made it a part of my routine. A 45-minute elliptical sesh is a piece of cake when I'm smiling with these guys the entire time.

2. This Blog.
Veg lives in Scotland and everyday she posts pictures of her school lunches. She's adorable. And it's fun to compare her meals to what I ate while growing up.

3. Blues on the Green
This was the first time I attended the free, outdoor, concert in all my years of living here. Even though traffic was bad and we walked over a mile to our car, the atmosphere was absolutely perfect and the night was just what I needed. Thanks KGSR, I will definitely be back.
good friends

our magnificent spread

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