Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Things a lot of other people like that I don't really.

Unless you're really, really good at blocking our what's happening around you, you've probably heard such mumblings as "first string," "coaches," "injuries," and of course, "Tebow." Ah yes, football season is just around the corner. It's not that I dislike football season, I just really enjoy not-football season. There are so many other things to talk about! Thus, as I say farewell to my boyfriend's free time for the next four months, I thought I'd put together a little list of some other things I don't particularly like, but that a lot of other people seem to really like.

Sorry to offend anybody who doesn't live in Texas, but as hard as a try I will never think Uggs are cute. However, I hear they keep your feet warm and cozy. That's good.
I like watching The League, and I like hearing my friends trash talk one another, but I don't care who wins or loses the game and I don't want to spend my after-work hours researching players and setting my roster. I've played for the past few years and I will merrily enjoy not playing from now on.
Living in Texas would be loads easier if I liked country. Buuut I don't.
I don't have an iphone and I don't have an arm-band for my Android phone, but I don't think either of those things need to join me on my runs. Everytime I attempt to use my phone as a music player it stops working mid-song, just as I'm getting in the groove. I'm sick of trying. I want music to run, and I want to go home and track my run afterwards, but I don't want to take my phone running.
Eh, sorry guys. I'm one of the biggest television fans I know, yet Modern Family just never really stuck on me. I tried watching a few episodes back in season one or two, but it never really made me laugh.
no thanks, vanilla please!
Granted, I've only been there once, so I think I need to give it another try. But, when I visited NYC it was crowded, cold, and I was scared of being mugged the entire time. I've been to Chicago twice and liked it a whole lot more both times. PS: I also really liked every city I've been to in California and both major European cities I've visited (Paris & London). NYC definitely deserves a second chance.
I like all my friends who like Forrest Gump, but I would rather watch almost any movie except for this one. I think it's sad and scary and I don't want to talk about it anymore.
On Sunday I had the privilege of dining at Franklin's for the first time. The company was excellent, and the food was too, but I realized on my drive home that I'm just not the biggest fan of barbecue. I won't say no, I'd just prefer a meal with more cheese and veggies than meat and meat.
I don't care what you put in the shot or how "not shot-like it is." I don't want to take it and peer pressuring me into taking it isn't going to make anybody's lives any better. Just buy me a drink in a normal-sized glass and I'll drink it at whatever speed I want. Cheers!

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