Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's Still Summer in Austin

Quick! Let me update you on the past few weeks. I promise I haven’t been that busy, but I have lost a little of my drive for blogging. I'll get it back, soon enough.

Chris and I celebrate our four year anniversary with South Congress, sushi, and a little stay-cation. It was perfect.
Surprise, We're staying here for the night.
I took a quick girls trip to Houston for lots of wine tasting. Sometimes weekends away are exactly what you need.
The kind people from the Fried Olive stand pretended to be my friends so Chris wouldn't wonder why I was all alone in the rain.
I met my one UT football game a year quota.
Unfortunately UT lost that one, but we had a terrific time. Shout out to Debbie! So great to see you.
Then Chris celebrated his 28th birthday. There were many surprises: steak, beer, and a new office chair.
Staying out past midnight on a work night, sheesh!
We ACLed it up with the Nerickas, Wolfes, Daileys, Johnsons, Jaime, and many more.
framily love
Oh, and the sweet Wolfe Pack informed us that they’re moving back to Arizona in mid-December. Tears of sadness and unselfish excitement for the next chapter in their lives.
Ellie, even though you're too little to remember me, I will really miss watching you grow up.
And maybe the most exciting news of all, I bought a bike! Per usual, it takes me about 2 years of thinking about things I really want to buy before I will finally buy them for myself. Maybe next I’ll bite the bullet and invest in a food processor... But for now, I’ll ride around in my new Fuju Crosstown. I love it.
Most recently, I turned 26 whole years. We celebrated with a sinus infection (but I’m better now, fiiinally!) bike accessories, grilling at home, and a pumpkin-painting craft night.
Silly, scary, and cute.

One week remains in October. Cheers to more bike rides, Cards Against Humanity, and another epic Halloween Party.

November brings camping at Ren Fest, visiting Chris’ parents in Houston, and a trip home to KC. For the both of us! Chris hasn't been back in years, it will be a blast. Hey, Kansas, please keep your leaves colored until we get there. Don't fall off yet. Just hold on for a few weeks more, please!