Friday, December 14, 2007

Goodbye Austin

At last, I am home.

Somebody at work asked me, "so wait, here [referring to Austin] is not home?"

I am fairly certain I will always call Kansas home. Although, I think it is definitely okay to have multiple homes at the same time. While Kansas is "home," I did have somewhere to go home to after class or work. Sadly however, the Far West apartment will not be home again.

So, after an 11 hour drive, a 20-degree temperature change, and almost losing all cell phone power I am home.

I have one interview already scheduled, and have 2 people who've said, "call us when you get out here." I feel that unless the blasted WGA strike ends I am going to have to settle for doing something other than casting for an hour-long television series. That is okay by me, because I know whatever job I end up securing, it will provide me with more information about the industry than I have now.

And, my tests are done, my car is unpacked, my laundry is rotating, and I'm not going back to work until next week. Vacation has arrived!

Next stop? California!