Sunday, May 11, 2014

one year later

new city, new friends, new job.

new cat.

our first night together.  May 22, 2013

 aprox 5-6 weeks old

in our new city.  August, 2013

Growing into his ears.  September, 2013

same city, new apartment.  January, 2013

poor fat cat cannot go outside.  May, 2014

same bike.

the best thing about Chicago.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Lolla Sunday in Photos

1:00pm - The Orwells.
Did not particularly like.  Heavy Rock/Punkish
1:45pm - Jake Bugg
2:30pm - Alex Clare (from afar)

3:00pm - Lianne La Havas 
 She was great.  Her humility reminded me of Regina Spector at ACL a few years back.  She is great.

3:20pm - The Mowglis
 it was so crowded.

 too many people for a small stage.

 Oh, but they were fantastic.  Colin Dieden and friends, your music sure is happy.

MSMR real quick

5:00pm - Alt-J
 my favorite photo of the weekend.  While waiting in the crowds for Alt-J.  I was quite packed in at this point.
 Couldn't take the Alt-J crowds for very long.  So I escaped to a relaxing hillside to listen from afar.

6:30pm - Vampire Weekend
They've gown up a little bit.

8:30pm - Phoenix
I stayed for at least one song.  But definitely made it home by 9:30pm.  And fell asleep with the balcony  door open while listening to the music a few blocks away.  Such a cool experience.