Monday, January 21, 2008

last day of vacation

I have been here for exactly one week. So far I've learned that it's really hard to keep me away from the beach. Today is the first day we've had without sun and I'm practically crying. A bunch of us were going to go back over to Venice/Santa Monica (the same place I spent my first 2 days here) yet I am reconsidering that decision based on the weather. However, I am dying to take my rollerblades down to the boardwalk.

There are 22 kids in the program, but essentially 21 because Barrett never hangs out with anybody except his handful of friends he already knows out here. A very high percentage of our time is spent talking about what we feel like doing then discussing how many drivers we need to get 21 people from one place to another. It very much feels like summer camp.

Worst thing about LA thus far? Traffic. Missing the taping of Chelsea Lately due to an accident on 405 south jamming up both the side streets as well as the interstate. Allowing twice as much time as you think you'll need for every interview, and only arriving 10 minutes early for each one. Taking an hour to get out at 10pm on Saturday night and about 7 minutes to get home. It makes Austin look like Kansas City. The plus side to all of this maddness is that LA has remarkably good radio stations. It's a good thing I like music.

Classes begin tomorrow, but will typically fall on Mondays. We begin at 9am, and end around 8 or 9pm. Everything is entertainment industry related, film/tv/music. All the teachers seem cool, but like typical professors, I think they are trying to intimidate us with how nit-picky and strict they want to appear. We spent about 10 minutes being lectured on the different types of your/you're and their/they're. I was somewhat offended.

Then Wednesday I start work on the Paramount lot at Dr. Phil. I'll be an intern for the Executive Producer. I'm super excited, as long as he does not get sued hard core and his show gets canceled and we all lose our jobs. Two of my friends are also working on the lot, so I know I won't have to lose all dignity by eating lunch tucked away in a bathroom stall.

Well it looks like the clouds are clearing and the sun decided to come back. That means I'll definitely get to blade along the beach. Joyous.