Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Using" My Film Degree

So, we had Kimber’s farewell party and the 2011 "Framily" movie premiere. Enjoy!

What I did all day long b/t Christmas and NYE.

Speaking of movies (cuz that totes counts as a movie, right?) I’ve been really busy lately running lots and sitting on the couch eating fro’yo lots.

A quick review of my last two weekends...
We tried, we tried so hard to watch The Hangover Part II, but we had to turn it off. It was So. So. So. Bad.

Chris had heard lots of good things about this Ewan McGregor movie where his father comes out to him (as in, “hey son, I’m gay”) and then dies of cancer. Meh... Beginners didn’t really do much for either of us.

In typical Soderbergh fashion, Contagion has a lot of A-list stars in an interconnected, high-paced thriller. I really liked it, even though it's increased my daily Purel usage by about 200%. Wash your hands. Stop touching your face.

The one with Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (but his friends call him Joey, um OK!). Joey’s character gets cancer and his odds of living are... 50/50. It was sad (duh), funny, and overall, very well done. Plus I’m always a fan of Anna Kendrick.

The good movie streak kept on going with Woody Allen’s latest, Midnight in Paris. I finally saw it, after hearing the positive reviews of practically every person I’ve met. My tagline: Man walks the streets of Paris and every night at midnight he’s picked up by the writers and artists of the 1920s. We’re talking T.S. Elliott, the Fitzgeralds, Salvador Dali (played by the oh so beautiful Adrien Brody), and beautifully written, Hemmingway. I looooved it.

Can you read that? It was nominated in 2009. Sooo... I finally saw An Education. It is probably more of a girl movie, but still, very delightful, especially the 1960’s UK fashion trends. Love.

I stayed British and I stayed in the 1960s with another one that’d been on my “To Watch” list for a long time. Pirate Radio is about DJs who played on the pirate radio stations during the 1960s in the UK. The soundtrack was great, but I couldn’t finish the movie. It was just, weird.

And to conclude this month of movies (we're on break in between seasons of The Wire), Sunday night Chris and I watched the Ridley/Tony Scott and YouTube movie from 2011, Life in a Day. A pretty interesting concept, the Scotts edited together the footage that thousands of people across the world shot in the same day (July 24, 2010) and created a fairly seamless narrative. The girl at the end annoyed Chris, but overall, I enjoyed this one too.