Monday, May 26, 2008

to be continued... the second week of January next year.

Despite some crazy people wanting me to continue the blog even though I'm home in Kansas not doing anything nearly as exciting as in LA, this will be my last entry until the I graduate and move out and yata yata yata.

And like I was taught in elementary school, when you finish something you are proud of, it is a good idea to reflect on your work.

Therefore (and more for my own enjoyment than anybody else's) I present the Best and Worst of my semester in LA.

Top 10 Best Moments:
10. Getting to work on Moonlight.
9. The scavenger hunt. From driving around LA with Jon to leaving Magic Castle at 12:30am.
8. The progressive confusion due to the progressiveness of the Progressive Dinner
6. Every time we ever went to Lubtitch. Specifically seeing Kevin from the office, the time Sarah came, and that first time.
5. The entire concept of Lisa France.
4. San Diego from start to finish.
3. Eating Yogurt World. Plain, Strawberry, Pineapple, granola, captain crunch, 2 blackberries, lots of mango, and one brownie bite.
2. Roller blading along the boardwalk.
1. The unexpected re-ride on Space Mountain.

And... the worst. Which are now pretty hilarious.
10. Spending all day Sundays doing homework, having to do homework in general, having to go to class after work on Thursday, having to go back to music class Monday night.
9. The guests on Leno
8. Saddle Ranch
7. Getting a B from Kerew.
6. Scott, Shane, Jon, Aaron, and Ben losing money in Vegas.
5. Not getting to eat a Sprinkles cupcake because it was closed the time we went there.
4. Being sick in Laguna Beach.
3. When Lauren was in town for Spring Break and Hot Dog on a Stick was closed.
2. Forgetting my ID like an IDIOT when we went to The Well.
1. That night after LOST when I said I wanted to go home.

Monday, May 5, 2008

UTLA collage

Today is my last day in LA. It's very sad, but I am way more excited about coming home than I ever would have guessed. I went down to the UTLA this morning to prep for my final presentation and literately found myself jumping up and down about getting to go back home. This was without a doubt the best semester of my life, and has given me such a great view on how to finish out the college years. I say it every year, but this summer really will be the best yet. So get excited, cuz I definitely am.

The last week in LA has been fantastic. Last Sunday we had the almuni beach party and I got to see Kelly and Monica from Houston that night. It was really fun to play in the sand and be on vacation for the day. Then our last day of classes was Monday, and we did superlatives for UTLA. Most likely to adopt 8 children from 8 different countries... yours truly. We all did Leno on Tuesday, which sucked because we saw... Dr. Phil and Natasha Beningfield. LAME x 5. FTR, Ellen and Jimmy were way better. But that's just me being a talk show snob. I worked at Moonlight Wed-Friday and had a very good farewell with them. I'm going to miss everybody, and kind of already do. Friday I was rushing from work to finish my scrapbook before the farewell dinner in Santa Monica. We got a delicious fish meal then hung out and did the whole boardwalk thing, again. Saturday we went to Mels diner, Ameoba, and Lubtitch. Gotta cross of all the random LA things I haven't done yet. Then Sunday I hung out at Santa Monica and Venice some more. With the roller blades. And Hot Dog on a Stick. Pretty much making Sunday morning my third favorite thing I've done this semester.

How am I spending my last day in LA?
Packed. Prepared my final presentation for Phil. Did my final presentation. Went well. Told him how thankful I was and how much I enjoyed the semester. Had some delicious lunch. Went to Yogurt World. Probably my top 4 favorite thing, so delicious, how I will miss thee. Tonight is the mini-road trip for Scott to store his car and then it's load up my car and make sure I'm good to go for a 7am departure back to KC.