About Me

Hi! My name is Jane and this is my blog. Thank you for reading about my life. I hope it’s entertaining and enjoyable.

A bit of background about me...

I grew up in Leawood, KS and went to the University of Texas at Austin, where I received my Bachelors of Science in Radio-TV-Film and the Business Foundations Certification. While at UT, I participated in the UTLA (University of Texas, Los Angeles) program during the spring of my junior year. It was there that I started blogging. Both as a way to keep people updated on my sweet adventures and as a way to personally journal the experience. As you can read here I’d planned on going back to LA after graduating from UT, but… followed my heart and stuck around Austin for a few years. Austin helped me figure out what I want from life and in the spring of 2013 I realized I wasn't going to find it there. So I got rid of nearly everything I owned, packed up my civic, and moved to Chicago. From a career perspective, Chicago was a wonderful opportunity. From a personal perspective, those 2.5 years in the tundra were really rough. After months of therapy and a year of job searching, in the fall of 2015 I trekked back down to Austin and reunited with my framily.

One of my favorite memories from UTLA was one specific lesson, we were asked to write the logline of our lives. We were asked to sum up our life’s purpose in one sentence, just like a movie. The sentence I came up was something like... “Young woman searches for happiness, but fears in the end, the happiness is actually the search itself.” Little did I know, it was a lot like the refrigerator-magnet quote, “life is journey, not a destination.” So, even though my destination is unclear, I continue my journey on the road through happiness day by day. And sometimes blog about it too.

Thank you for reading!