Monday, May 18, 2009

sometimes on the way to one dream you get lost and find a better one

It's been an entire year since UTLA. I said I wasn't going to update until I was back in California, however due to events of the last year, that might not ever happen anymore. And I think some explanation is in order.

Flashback to Fall 2008. I am having another great semester, I told myself I would come back from LA with greater appreciation for UT and the opportunities it had for me. Plus, instead of taking advantage of most of what Austin had to offer, I had spent my last 3 years cooped up in my dorm room talking on AIM, and I refused to miss out on college anymore. So I had a lot of fun- all the while working toward graduation and moving to LA. Until things changed...

Granted, I will say my lack of moving partially relates to the turbulent economy, however I don't think that really would have stopped me from heading out in Feb or March of '09. After I had moved back to KS and worked at Cinzetti's a bunch to get money saved up.

I didn't move to LA because I met a boy. A boy with a job, a cat, and a kickball team. All in Austin. So, if I left and moved to LA to pursue my dream in television, I would not ever get to see what would happen with the boy, his cat, or his kickball team. And what could happen might be so much more than working in LA. So I said I'd stay, and we would see what might happen.

Present Day.
Almost 8 months of successful relationship. Boy's cat makes me allergic when I touch it, but his kickball team welcomed me on the roster. Boy is doing well with job and within a few years moving out of Texas should be a realistic plan. Regardless of what happens with us, staying in Austin has helped me grow and learn far more than I thought it could. I've been an adult for five months. So far so good.

And the best part of everything is that I think I am finally getting things secured with full-time employment, but they told me June 1st, so that's for another post.