Saturday, August 30, 2014

Friday at Lollas

Here we go again!
Friday at Lollapalooza
This year reiterated the fact that I am a music festival kind of person. After staying out much to late on Thursday night, I did all of Friday completely sober. Like, ACL pre-21 style. And had just as much fun as I would have otherwise. I just love it all.

Like last year, I did most of the fest solo.  Unlike last year, I met up with a few friends sporadically. Jennie and Nate were 3-day virgins, and I had a blast meeting up with them on Friday and Sunday.  They were Lolla champs, going strong from noon to 11pm all 3 days.

San Fermin
The first band I saw on Friday. The guy's voice reminded me of The National.
I'd been anticipating these guys.  Very 1960s sounding.
One of my favorite spots
This little hill on the southeast side of Grant Park is where I spent most of the festival.
The crowds and view from Bombay Bicycle Club
That skyline is one of the biggest differences between Lollas and ACL.
 Not pictured: Portugal the Man.


Lorde from afar

Zoom in on the Video Monitor

Realizing how much older I feel this year
Not in the dance pit.  Instead I'm standing by the flowers.
Sander Klinenberg

Arctic Monkeys from WAY far away
Yep, once the headliners started on Friday I peaced out.  My bike was parked immediately outside the festival gates, giving me a quick little 5 miler to make it home by 9pm.