Wednesday, May 11, 2011

To Grad School or Not to Grad School?

I have been going back and forth on this idea for many months now. Should I go back to school and get my MBA?


•I’d have a lot more employment opportunities, I would have a very “hirable” degree and most likely make more money
• I need a challenge
• I want to prove to myself I can do it
• I need to keep pushing myself, like I did when I was younger.
• Similarly, when I was younger I tried a lot harder and remembered a lot more stuff than I do now. So I should learn some more stuff and try not to forget it this time.
• When I finish I will be 28. That is actually not not as old as I think it is. I also don’t think I will have this same role within the company for that long.
• I’d meet new people, hopefully some good ones.
• Morningstar will pay for it, so I’d be very little out of pocket.
• It will be a lot easier to do now than after marriage/house/kids.
• Man years from now, after the future kids are all grown up I will be antsy again. This way I can make money and travel lots and lots!
• It’d be sort of fun to go back to UT and be on campus again. Sort of, maybe.
• At least for now, I should have time during the day at work to study
• UT’s evening MBA program is 3 nights a week for 3 years. That is a long time. If I start in 2012, I won’t finish until I am 28. Also, in order for Morningstar to pay for it, I cannot quit for 3 years after I finish, or until I am 31.
• Driving down to UT 3 days a week…
• I’d have to give up some sports
• I’ll have to give up socializing
• I might not even get into UT, so I might have to find another program that works and accepts me…
• The application process requires time and effort
• Have to take the GMAT (ew, tests)
• I’d have to study for the GMAT (ew, studying)
• I’d have to study for class (time and effort)
• I’d have to take tests in class (actually I don’t dislike tests that much)
• I’m not really sure WHY I want to get an MBA, or what I’d do with it.
• There will be some money spent (M* doesn’t cover ALL the costs, just a large amt. of it)
• I didn’t even like UT for my undergrad, so why do I think I’d like it more now?

I would also like to point out that I made this table using my own HTML skillz. Thank you Junior Year of highschool Desktop Publishing and Web Design. Oh, and Google. However, I cannot seem to figure out why the Cons column is all weird-like. Meh... my point is still there.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

the time I missed Girl's Night

So, as I may have mentioned previously, since around January, I have been going to get allergy shots, twice a week. Since moving to Austin, my allergies have been getting worse and worse, thus after 20-some years of suffering, I finally decided to do something about it. Like I said, twice a week I go and get shot with what I am allergic to with the hope that after four years of treatment, I’ll be immune to dogs, cats, cedar, ragweed, and numerous other pollens. After the shot, they make you wait at the office for 30 minutes, in case you react. I have never had anything happen within the 30 minute time frame, however, about a month or two ago, roughly two hours after my shot, I reacted. It was a pretty bad rash, all over my body. Yesterday, I had another reaction. This time it started about one hour after my shot (as soon as I got home), which happened to be right at 5pm. Closing time. Basically, my whole body swelled up, like from my forehead down to the back of my knees. So actually, my shins and feet were fine, but everywhere else was not. It began as this itchy, bumpy rash, and then pretty much turned into what the internet has defined to me as, hives. It was really gross, like hives all over my back and arms and thighs and yah, my face too. And I was wheezing a little, but not really that bad, but I was pretty scared I might have to go to the emergency room for looking like a monster. So right away I called the "Medical Emergency Hotline," which my allergist had given me, for after-hour reactions. The fellow who answered was like, "Is this an emergency?" I was like... " I don't know..." I mean, I wasn’t dying, but I wasn't okay either. And he was like, "Sorry ma'am I cannot make that decision for you." So I hung up, since I mean, I wasn't dying, and I could breathe pretty much fine, I just felt miserable. So I did the same thing I did last time I had a reaction, which is put hydrocortisone cream everywhere, take a Claritin, take two ibuprofens and lay down on the couch. Except I couldn't really lay down cuz then my back and neck would itch. So I tried standing up, but then, I'm not kidding, the hives on my hips and lower back were so swollen that I couldn't really stand up straight. So I was sort of in a "squat" position, with my arms out like a chicken. And I turned Glee on hoping it would distract me from my pain.

But yeah, it was not going away.

Finally, Chris came home and brought me some extra-strength hydrocortisone cream, since I had used my whole tube of reg-strength, and a bottle of benadryl. I put more cream on and took three benadryls (even though you are only supposed to take two) and then lied down on the couch. I then fell asleep before he could finish telling me some story about the price of commercials during Glee. (Obviously they are much higher than a normal show, because most people don’t Tivo Glee, most people have to see it live. Just like sports, and American Idol. Our family is not the norm, because we Tivo everything, even sports. Chris saves them to watch after I go to sleep. It works out well.)

Anyways, I woke up from my benadryl educed slumber around 8:15pm and the rash had reduced immensely. I no longer looked like a troll, and I was thinking Chris could drive me to Girls’ Night at Erickas. Ericka had planned a Cinco de Mayo feast for us; I really wanted some Mexican food! So I was going to yell to him to drive me, but per usual, he was already like five beers in, and in the middle of an intense xbox game upstairs. I didn't have any energy to get upset, so I just fell back asleep. I realize now that had I made it to Ericka’s, I would have taken one bite of queso and then wished I was back asleep on the couch.

In conclusion, I got about 12 hours of sleep and feel 100% terrific today. The rash is totally gone, and I feel so well rested! However, I do not think continuing these allergy shots is the best plan of action. Updates to come on what the doctor decides I do… also updates to come on Chris and my Gorge 2011 plans. Passes and plane tickets have been purchased. Wees going!!!