Friday, February 29, 2008

still haven't met Michael Cera

I started my second internship at Moonlight on Thursday. It is an entirely different environment than Dr. Phil. Everybody seems so much busier, but so much friendlier. I feel I have gotten to know some of their staff better in one day than I have gotten to know all of the Dr. Phil staff. On my first day they let me organize their office supplies. Oh man it was amazing. They have this whole room full of tvs and coolers and bulletin boards, stuff they took from their old office. I can hardly wait until I get to organize that room! The WB lot is amazing, and there is a lot more I still need to see. I checked out the Gilmore Girls set though, indescribably awesome. If only I could actually see Rory and Jess walking around in it… After Spring Break I’ll work over there more than just one day a week, but until then it’s Dr. Phil for the next week, and Moonlight on Thursdays.

11 of us went to Disneyland last Saturday, an experience that was probably one of the top five greatest moments of my life. Space Mountain was my favorite ride, along with Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Indiana Jones, Matterhorn, and the new Finding Nemo submarine ride. I do not think I have laughed or smiled or felt as much joy in one day in such a long time. We did not get home until 2am Saturday night, putting me into the “lack of sleep, seriously delirious” giddy-mood. So basically Disneyland is the best high ever.

Sunday I went to the supermarket with Jon and Shane to get our meals to prepare for the “Super Secret Dinner Club.” I took the collectivist idea mom suggested by combining forces and having group meals a few times a week. It’s nice to come home from work to a freshly cooked meal, especially when it’s not your night to cook. And of course the Oscars were Sunday night… we were going to go to Pinkberry, but realized traffic around Hollywood and Sunset would be insane. So that didn’t happen.

And I know you’re wondering about the celebrity sightings thus far:
We all ate dinner for Tess’s birthday at the same place as Bruce Vilanch.
Shane saw two dudes from How I Met Your Mother on the Fox lot this morning.
Sarah met and toured the studio of Disney artist, David Willardson.
Megan auditioned the bum from Superbad.
Nick auditioned the creepy guy who asks if they are on Mysepace from Superbad, and said he was just as creepy in person.
Aaron and people saw Monique.
Tess went to the same party as Nick Lache and Vanessa Minnillo.
Barrett saw two dudes from Weeds at lunch together.
Josh “brushed shoulders” with Shia Lebuff and his mom at the movie theatre.
Aaron and Josh literally, ran into Jeremy Piven.
Megan saw Randy Jackson in her office
Marcella saw Katherine Heigel at the E! Oscar after party.
Ben swears he saw Ashley Olsen.

I’m spending this weekend with my mom in Laguna Beach, and am leaving work in 45 minutes to go get her from the airport. I’m a bit under the weather as well, and am hoping I’ll be able to relax in the sun hope that all I need is a serious dose of Vitamin D.

Friday, February 22, 2008

the clique that talks about other cliques

Dr. Phil stops taping in 3 weeks, just in time for Spring Break. Therefore I have to find another internship for remainder of the semester. I was getting discouraged after emailing Ugly Betty, Smallville, Greek, and My Boys and not hearing anything back, but my spirits changed this morning. On my way into Paramount the Production Coordinator for CBS’s Moonlight called in response to am email I sent the WB Human Resource department yesterday. I have a job interview on Monday! Once I got to my desk, I IMDBed the show and discovered that I definitely need to do some serious vampire research. Thankfully they have old episodes online, since I had never even heard of the show until yesterday. But the interview is on Monday, so I’ve got time to prep.

San Diego this past weekend was amazing. It was surreal seeing Rachel, Rich, and Ari on the beach in Cali. Reggie called yesterday and reminded me how truly weird it is I’m hanging out in LA with somebody I have known since elementary school. The 10 of my UT friends who came down really liked the KC kids also. We arrived mid-day on Saturday eager to hit the beach, and after a delicious BJ’s lunch we did just that. The scenery was gorgeous. I saw a lot of surfers, waded in the ocean, and built sand castles. Some of us thought it would be amusing to “not tell” the rest of the group where we walking to, and after getting far along enough, were not disappointed by their reaction. If you get past the stairs, UCSD’s beach is a nude beach, and was indeed filled with pant-less men walking around freely. It would make a better story to say that we all partook in the festivities; however it was definitely enough for me just to see the expressions on people’s faces when they realized where they were. Saturday night we ate seafood along the bay and spent way too long walking around the Gaslamp district downtown. We ended up at a bar which played live 80s music, and turned out to be worth the required patience. As with every UTLA outing, some drama ensued, but by the next morning we were all friends again. On Sunday we toured around the zoo, had Thai food for dinner, and got to go to Yogurt World, the best part of SD. It had around 10 different flavors of yogurt, 50 different toppings, and you pay by the ounce. Sadly it’s not publicly traded, or I think I’d definitely be buying some Yogurt World stock.

I was missing Austin (the city) a bit yesterday during the debates, and am super jealous of everybody who got to be there. Yet, besides that, and random emails from Erin with Live Sports, I like LA more every day. Even though the traffic is annoying, it provides a great time to listen to music or make phone calls. My commute takes from 15-30 minutes, which is about the same as the time it takes me to get to Cinzetti’s or CCS all summer. Yet that didn’t include seeing the Capitol Records building, the Hollywood sign, and Griffith Observatory every day.

About 15 of us are going to Disneyland tomorrow. Obviously, I’m very excited about that one. Charlie Wilson’s War is showing on the Paramount lot tonight, and the Oscars are on Sunday. At some point I need to make it out to Vons to pick up some groceries for the week, I’m going through serious Fresca withdrawal.

Mmmk so the end of LOST. Maybe it wasn’t as shocking as other conclusions, but talk about making things more complicated. Sheesh!

Friday, February 15, 2008

converse with crosswords

This week at Dr. Phil I worked more than I ever have. Tuesday we taped our episode, “Still Chasing the Crown,” yet instead of watching from the stage, I got to (drum roll please) answer the phone, guard somebody’s birthday card, and telephone potential guests. Breaking the news to Dr. Phil fans that they might get to be on the show was quite exciting. Lately I am being included in a lot more personal conversations, and this morning they told me I could get myself coffee as a part of the coffee run I make for other people. I was delighted.

Even though things are better, I started the search for a new internship yesterday. Since the strike has ended (yay, television!) I figure scripted shows probably need some interns. I’m sending emails and I’ll fax some shows on Monday in hopes that some Production Managers or Line Producers need a little bit of assistance.

I spend much of my time at work on the internet looking up various things. This week these included hotels, beaches, and entertainment venues in San Diego. A group of us are heading down there Saturday morning to return Sunday night. The agenda includes the beaches of La Jolla, Pizooki with Richard, Ari, and Rachel, the Gaslamp District nightlife, and the world famous zoo. I’m quite excited.

Classes are moving along. We have less homework this week than last, but much crazier teachers. Lisa France, our directing instructor, informed us of her “top secret” production idea, and seriously freaked us out with our shorts. She expects a lot out of us, and I’m pretty sure we will end up with nothing. Other work includes: a 5 week deadline to create our television pilots and a Monday due date for a CD with songs from my top 5 favorite albums of all time. Not too bad at all.

And to conclude this week of LA life: Lost. Is. Amazing.

Friday, February 8, 2008

I found gas for $2.99!

Since last week I have been contemplating another internship. Things have not picked up as much as I thought they would. However, I am enjoying my time at Dr. Phil a lot more. I am getting to know people around the office, scoping out the people who hold the power, trying not being as shy… but I still feel like somebody else could use me more. It reminds me of those days in high school where you yearned to be in college and be productive. If the writers strike really does end this weekend, I’m pretty sure I’ll move on.

I have stuffed a lot of envelopes full of free VIP tickets to get mailed around the country to various volunteer organizations. I am also feeling more confident answering the phone and transferring calls. On Tuesday I researched potential show guests, trying to find somebody actively opposed to mom’s competing in Mrs. America pageants. We tape that episode next Tuesday morning. I have to get here at 6:30am. Bringing back the good ol’ days of 6am Central Market shifts…

Besides work, things are hectic. Monday as class day is sooo long. The teachers have started the major assignments, which are not as bad as they would be at UT, but homework nonetheless. This weekend I have to write a structural analysis of a movie I like and a movie I do not like. She’s the Man v. Sweeney Todd. We are also in the midst of developing half hour television pilots. My team has created a single camera comedy. I cannot really discuss it online, in case some studio execs discover this blog and decide to develop it. In another class we are developing a 15-30minute film. The teacher is crazy and thinks we have time to make something good. I had a brilliant idea about a registered sex offender living among a group of college grads, but definitely do not have the required time to devote to the project. The crazy teacher also doesn’t think pedophilia is nearly as funny as the rest of us do. Soooo instead we’re going to make a short about an intense “mow off.” Think Dodgeball meets lawn mowers.

This weekend will be a lot of movies. Possibly hiking around Griffith Park and hitting up the Observatory. I still need to get some Pazookie and play tennis. I just need to get my papers done, as hard as I try to be irresponsible; I always have to finish my homework first.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Life at the Office

I've been working at Dr. Phil for two weeks, and... well... Last week was the taping of his 1000th show. It was pretty chaotic, seeing as how I was not entirely sure what my role was, and the episode was already far along enough that it was hard to give me a specific assignment. I thought week 2 would use a little bit more brain power, yet sadly I was mistaken. It's a dark week, meaning we are not taping. The big guy is in New York promoting himself. Most people are working ahead on future episodes, so I still do not have a real direction.

My position as the intern for the Executive Producer on The Dr. Phil show opened up for me as I arrived in LA. Despite the lack of real excitement, since starting work on the Paramount lot I have undertaken a variety of tasks. These duties include transferring phone calls, searching for potential show guests, shredding papers, creating gift baskets, ordering people coffee, and researching what LA restaurants can provide Oprah with real crab meat.

The woman I answer the phone for, Carla Pennington, is one of the most successful "watch-out-for" women in Hollywood. ImdbPro told me all about her success from the age of 20. She reminds me of Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada, yet not as mean. She is a very powerful, busy woman. As soon as I get formally introduced, I'll ask for 10 minutes of her time. It's an important woman to make a good impression on, and I know with enough hard work and passion, someday I too can be the Executive Producer for a hit television show.

Besides work, I am busy with classes and social activities. Because we all have the same assignments, we do much of the homework together on Sunday night. We're working on a television script in groups of 3 for another class, so again that's more group focused. I also have a good deal of time at the office to do school work.

Last night we attended a networking event hosted at the Beverly Hills Wilshire hotel, taking place simultaneously as the democratic debates. Sweeet. I hung out with Dean Hart, President Powers, and Jordan Levin (ex CEO of the WB). Open bar, 5 star d'oeuvre, and business attire = a good time.

This weekend we are discussing various places to explore. Possible beaching, nightlife, shopping, movies, pool. At last it has stopped raining, so maybe I really will get to take out the rollerblades. Regardless, Fridays mean it is three whole days before coming back to work, which is pretty much fabulous.