Friday, April 25, 2008

yes, that is creepy

Two thumbs up for Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Runyon Canyon was amazing. Taking music from everybody in UTLA has made my computer go from 6 gigs to almost 15 gigs.

I watched Into the Wild this week with Y217. I found it surprisingly moving. It took us 2 nights to watch, and after we finally finished I found myself lying in bed talking to Sarah about existentialism, which is becoming one of my new favorite topics to ponder before going to sleep.

On a less fortunate note, I have super large amounts of homework going on. Our 3 final projects are due next week. Producing, producing, producing.

Moonlight wraps today and premiers tonight. Unfortunately I cannot make the wrap party at the Dodger's game on Sunday because we have our alumni beach party thing all afternoon. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Yesterday was unbelievable. Alex, on, and I waited in line for hours and hours to see Flight of the Conchords play, then waited in live for more hours to get Jemaine and Bret to sign stuff. And, we succeeded with both. I feel like I have accomplished so much. The boys were so cute, it was great.

Tonight is Magic Castle. Magic Castle is an exclusive magic club in Hollywood. It's the prize for participating in the scavenger hunt Jon and I did ages ago. Just a conscience that the only weekend Phil was available happens to be our last weekend here. The affair will be quite the celebration for us and our +1s.

Next week will be the last post, because after that it's back to Kansas and the end of one of the most unforgettable periods of my life thus far.

Friday, April 18, 2008

watching family guy at work

On account of being exhausted from Huntington Beach all day Saturday, we didn't go hiking on Sunday. However, I did finally visit an authentic CPK, which was fantastic. And I went to Yogurt World (again, I know) that night with Sarah and Thai. Sunday was mostly just homework all day. I already got the stuff we have to do for next week done, so this weekend will be homework free for me!

I got to see the Royals beat the Angels down in Anaheim on Wednesday night. Their stadium is pretty nice. Our seats were in left field, right behind the bullpen. So we were like 5 feet from all the pitchers, it was great.

Thursday four of us went to the taping of ELLEN. We got $50 itunes gift cards. And saw Ewan McGreggor, Jason Segal, a record-setting skier, and the girl who just got voted off of American Idol. That night we celebrated being finished with Lisa France's directing class at Lisa France's friend's apartment in Hollywood. It was a pretty swanky place.

This weekend: free movies on the Fox lot, possibly seeing Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and definitely hiking Runyon Canyon.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Getty Center and Pink's (check!)

Six Flags Magic Mountain was insane. Never before have I ridden more roller coasters in such a short period of time. Thank Josh and Aaron for the tickets, because I do not think it would have been worth it if it wasn’t free. These coasters were INSANE. The Tatsu leans you forward so you are essentially lying on your stomach the entire time. The first part is like you’re flying, but the whole free-falling headfirst is not so fun. My favorite was SCREAM, the suspended roller coaster. It's a lot like Superman at Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio.

Saturday-Sunday we did Lawn Boys until sunset, and Pauly Shore into the night. Kudos to Scott, Brett, and Elliot, who worked crazy hard on Lawn Boys then turned around to help out Marcela at night. Sunday night was a great relief, and being done with it made for a very good time. However, the Pauly project still has a lot to be re-shot and organized; I really hope everything works out.

Tuesday at Moonlight I met the new director, whose credits include Lost and Alias. I overheard my superiors discussing my closest pals, Greg Grunberg and Jordan Levin, and kicked myself for not mentioning my connection to them. Plus they talked about Michael Cera, mentioning, but not appreciating the true genius of I should have said something... dang-it.

We went to Jimmy Kimmel Tuesday night and saw Thomas Haden Church, Adam Ferrera, and Phantom Planet. The band was the best part. Yesterday was one of the most amazing experiences thus far, The Price is Right. Aaron got to “come on down,” and we went CRAZY. He ALMOST won a car, and almost got to do the Showcase Showdown, but instead just came away with a $3000 fireplace.

We’re going to Huntington Beach tomorrow, shooting more of Pauly Shore, and going hiking through Ruynon Canyon on Sunday. If the weather is anything like today- it will be perfect.

Friday, April 4, 2008

last night we discovered the yogurt world in burbank

We shot Elliot's project last weekend. It wasn't that fun, but he seems pretty happy with how it turned out. The whole experience reminded me that my favorite part of filmmaking is the part that happens right up to when the cameras begin rolling. It was pretty cool to be working towards being so professional. I was working on call sheets and script breakdowns for the projects at work on Tuesday, and felt a little more knowledgeable having my own stuff going on. Lawn Boys and Pauly Shore are this weekend, which will be crazy-busy and tiring. And to make things even busier, I got a free ticket to Six Flags tonight from 7-12am, meaning I already know I'll be tired in the morning. But you can't pass on a chance like that.

I went to my first hockey game on Sunday. The Ducks beat the Stars in overtime + a shoot out. I saw a bunch of power plays, and a fight broke out within the first 15 minutes of the game. Baseball season started on Monday and the Royals are 3-0. They swept the Tigers, and Greinke did great. That doesn't relate to LA though... however I have been reading up on the Dodgers so I'll be ready for the April 26th game.

Also this week we shared our scripts for TV writing. iSean was a great success. We're essentially done with that class, meaning the work load just got a little bit smaller. Even though pilot season is totally out of whack because of the strike this year, the daily updates are pretty interesting. Television is fascinating.

One hour left of work today. The bosses are dealing with budgeting and the door is open so I get to hear everything. It's awesooome.