Monday, April 15, 2013

as we go on, we remember

I am so lucky to have these girls in my life.

My Kansas friends, some of whom I've known since Elementary school soccer. But most of who I became friends with in middle and high school.
spring break senior year

Wilg's homecoming ceremony, senior year

Rach's annual gingerbread house party, senior year

Katie's graduation party, senior year

Thanksgiving break, freshman year of college
Rachel had Lila about a year ago, and we were fortunate enough to get together to celebrate the cutie pie's first birthday.
A James & the Giant Peach themed 1st Birthday
A year before, just after Lila was born

Happy Birthday!

Friday, April 5, 2013

reason to post!

My friends (and faithful blog-readers!) Dasha & Pasha had a beautiful baby girl yesterday. I had the honor of visiting Alice when she wasn't even one day old. Although she has some fiercely sharp nails, she is otherwise perfect. Congratulations Dash & Pash!

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Papa Pasha

Holding a baby is weird.

"Am I doing this right?" For the record, he seemed more normal holding Baby Alice than I did.

Alice's first girls' night.