Wednesday, May 11, 2011

To Grad School or Not to Grad School?

I have been going back and forth on this idea for many months now. Should I go back to school and get my MBA?


•I’d have a lot more employment opportunities, I would have a very “hirable” degree and most likely make more money
• I need a challenge
• I want to prove to myself I can do it
• I need to keep pushing myself, like I did when I was younger.
• Similarly, when I was younger I tried a lot harder and remembered a lot more stuff than I do now. So I should learn some more stuff and try not to forget it this time.
• When I finish I will be 28. That is actually not not as old as I think it is. I also don’t think I will have this same role within the company for that long.
• I’d meet new people, hopefully some good ones.
• Morningstar will pay for it, so I’d be very little out of pocket.
• It will be a lot easier to do now than after marriage/house/kids.
• Man years from now, after the future kids are all grown up I will be antsy again. This way I can make money and travel lots and lots!
• It’d be sort of fun to go back to UT and be on campus again. Sort of, maybe.
• At least for now, I should have time during the day at work to study
• UT’s evening MBA program is 3 nights a week for 3 years. That is a long time. If I start in 2012, I won’t finish until I am 28. Also, in order for Morningstar to pay for it, I cannot quit for 3 years after I finish, or until I am 31.
• Driving down to UT 3 days a week…
• I’d have to give up some sports
• I’ll have to give up socializing
• I might not even get into UT, so I might have to find another program that works and accepts me…
• The application process requires time and effort
• Have to take the GMAT (ew, tests)
• I’d have to study for the GMAT (ew, studying)
• I’d have to study for class (time and effort)
• I’d have to take tests in class (actually I don’t dislike tests that much)
• I’m not really sure WHY I want to get an MBA, or what I’d do with it.
• There will be some money spent (M* doesn’t cover ALL the costs, just a large amt. of it)
• I didn’t even like UT for my undergrad, so why do I think I’d like it more now?

I would also like to point out that I made this table using my own HTML skillz. Thank you Junior Year of highschool Desktop Publishing and Web Design. Oh, and Google. However, I cannot seem to figure out why the Cons column is all weird-like. Meh... my point is still there.


Rachel said...

I wish I had HTML skills. Maybe I should get an MBA... too bad I can't make a pros and cons list. Oh well!

Sarah said...

Do it! You know you don't want to be done with school's worth it.