Thursday, July 12, 2012

Canada Trip – Part One

We returned to Austin late on Sunday after an amazing adventure in Canada. We saw so many things! Because the trip was so long (two Fridays ago through this past Sunday) I’m going to break it up into several different posts. Hopefully they won’t be too long themselves, but seriously, we did a so much! I suppose I really shouldn’t be too surprised by that, because that’s basically how we do vacations. My philosophy for traveling is to see every place as if you’ll never go back. But hopefully, you can come back and do your favorite things again.

We arrived in Calgary on Friday the 29th and spent a pleasant evening with Chris’ fam. His mom’s parents live on a 13th floor condo in downtown Calgary. They’ve got the view of the city on one side, and Prince’s Island Park on the other. It’s beautiful. For dinner, the lot of us walked a few blocks south to Redwater Grille. Chris and I shared a prosciutto and date salad and a scallop and shrimp entre. I was quite surprised he was willing to share with me; I think the Paleo Diet is helping in more way than one!
Hanging out in downtown Calgary

After a Saturday morning brunch at 1886 Buffalo Café (put this on your list if you’re ever in Calgary, but get there early!) we picked up our rental car and drove out to the countryside. Chris’ other grandparents live in a charming country house, way out in the middle of nowhere.
It’s stunning

Meeting his other set of grandparents was such a joy for me. They were so happy in their age and still so in love. Plus they have such a perfect home.
If only I could garden like that. Carrots, potatoes, green onions, rhubarb, and so much more.

Three horses, one pond, lots of pesky squirrels, and tons of birdies

We stayed at their house for one night and left Sunday morning to drive into to the mountains.

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