Thursday, August 8, 2013

Chicago- First Two Weeks

Two Step and I have survived our first two weeks in the Second City, however it feels like we’ve been here much longer.   I have been incredibly busy at work (working past 5pm, for the first time in three years, whaaaat) so there hasn’t been much time for anything else.  I’ve made a few trips to Target for the essentials, found the closest Trader Joe’s and Jewel, and hit up the Teej down the street from my office.  Everything is very convenient, which is great- however, it’s hard to get used to having such little physical separation between work and everything else.

My apartment is on the 25th floor and has a great view of the Wrigley Building, the Swiss Hotel, the Chicago River and Navy Pier to the distance.   My balcony and view is the definitely the best part of my room.  And, my building itself is great.  I have an indoor and outdoor pool, workout facilities (with group classes!), in-room laundry machines, and both a CVS and full-fledged grocery store around the corner.  Like I said, everything is really convenient.

This weekend I’m attending Lollapalooza, which is also ridiculously convenient.  I figured this would be the only time in my life where I can walk less than three blocks to a music festival.  Even if I don’t know anybody else going, I ought to go.  So, in an effort to revive this blog, I’ll start it back up with my thoughts on my first trip to #lolla.

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