Monday, December 8, 2014


I get a six week paid sabbatical after every four years of work. I hit my four-years in July, 2014 and elected to take the sabbatical for Feb & March, 2015.

Today I booked flight 3/3. In less than TWO MONTHS all of this will be happening:

Week 1 - Skiing in Colorado with the Austin framily
Week 2 - A few days in Kansas City to celebrate Katie's 28th birthday and gear up for...
Week 2/3 - Hiking and backpacking the Grand Canyon with my mom. There's still spots available if you want to join in!
Week 3 - Flying across the world to Thailand
Week 4 - Visiting Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia (details still in the works, suggestions appreciated)
Week 5 - Meeting up with Kimber and Jaime in Phuket and adventuring around Thailand
Week 6 - Beaches, massages, and more Thailand until flying back to Chicago. Doing laundry and trying to adjust back to reality.

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