Wednesday, July 21, 2010

time for another change

Ah, the blog starts again. A few months back, my Kansas friends were emailing one another discussing the idea of blogging. We all shared the attitude, "we don't have anything interesting going on... nobody will read it." Despite that, I really wanted my friends to keep one so I could read about their "uninteresting" lives. And, as Rachel and Steph started blogging again; I just had to join in too.

Another motivation is of course- change. My last day working at Leahy & Associates was on Thursday. The past month there as been increasingly stressful and completely unrewarding. My boss and his wife, Mrs. Boss, fired their assistant, my very good friend. Their reasoning was, "lack of trust." They caught her and their other employee, who's title is technically, Partner, IMing. "Mrs. Boss never comes to work, we should keep a time sheet for the hours she spends here." So, while Partner was away from her desk, Mrs. Boss sat down and saw the IM conversation. She immediately sent her assistant home for the day and proceeded to tell myself, the only other employee, and Partner that people should be careful with what they say online, and that nobody knows how hard she works or what she does for her company. Mr. Boss was out of the office this entire time. Once he returned, he quickly reiterated his wife's comments with hope that a similar situation would never happen again. The next morning, they fired their assistant claiming, "we cannot have somebody working for us whom we do not trust." As for the Partner- Mrs. Boss called her out being "completely disrespectful. So, F*ck you. eff you. eff you." Granted, I was not present for the conversation, and did not hear what happened until Partner called me that night warning me she was quitting the company first thing on Monday. Partner was not just a Partner with the company, she was also my partner. We shared responsibilities, conversations, ethics, and an office. I began job searching that Sunday afternoon. First thing Monday morning, she leaves the company- leaving two jobs for one person (yup, me). While Mr. Boss swore he could handle his partner's position, I knew within two days that I could not handle teaching my boss how to do his job. After submitting four days of resumes, I had two interviews setup. Unbelievably, within ten days of job hunting, I had a job offer in the mail. On July 26th I start working as the Receptionist/HR Assistant for LIM.

Thus, the third reason to blog- time! I gave my two weeks to Leahy on July 1st, giving me an entire week's vacation before starting with LIM. I spent the weekend at Canyon Lake with Chris and about 20 others, and have used these past three days to relax and run errands. What a perfect way to transition to something new. Who knows what I can do next.

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