Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Birthdays, Beer, and Beets

So, today is Kimber’s birthday. Yesterday was Sarah Mann’s birthday. Friday is Leslie’s birthday. Last week was Ericka’s birthday. What’s the deal moms and dads? Is late June is just the time to have your babies?

However, if today weren’t Kimber’s birthday party, I’d totally go to Draught House to celebrate the Austin Beer Guide’s Summer Issue. Or, more specifically, the fact that I just learned of the Austin Beer Guide. It’s a 49 page advertisement/guide to Austin brews, pubs, and brew pubs. Hopefully Specs has a copy so I don’t have to print out all 49 pages. Check it out here.

In other news
• Last night I attempted a new recipe. Beet Risotto with Goat Cheese.
Not my photo, but my version did look just like this one.

So, I’ve never cooked with Beets, but I have liked them ever since trying the Beet Salad at Cinzetti's. So I saw this recipe and thought… simple enough...let’s give it a shot. The end result was delicious. Chris, however, was not a fan. I told him to go out of town and I would make it again.

• Lauren came in town this past weekend. We journeyed all over the city to hit up some favorite Austin spots (East Side Showroom, Sno Beach, Salt Lick, the Round Rock Express, Taco Deli, IKEA). On Sunday, we toured the Inner Space Caverns. I was hesitant to pay the $17 admission, but it turned out to be well worth it. I love caves. So cool.

• While she was here, we also made these:

Do you know what it is? Maybe if I sing it will help you guess? Duh duh duh DUN de DUH dun de DUH. No, that didn’t help? Hehehehe. We made Death Star Cookies!

Chris and I have decided to go to Houston over the Fourth of July so this coming weekend should be back to a normal blend of relaxation, socialization, and… chores.

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