Friday, March 21, 2008

haaaave you met ted?

And now the semester is halfway over. Sad.

Alright, well I'll try to make this as exciting as possible, which will be challenging because this was by far my most unproductive week yet. Today is Good Friday, so the WB lot is officially closed, meaning I only worked one day this week. Since my schedule at Moonlight is Tuesday/Friday. I had had such a busy week before and had spent so much time in the car that I didn't have a huge desire to check out all of those places I have been wanting to see. Instead I spent a lot of time focusing on my future.

Things I'm worried about:
Where I'm going to live for one semester next fall in Austin.
What classes I need to take (only 12 hours to graduate).
When I can register for my last semester of ASL, to fulfill my last language requirement, at the community college in KC over the summer.
How much it will cost to volunteer in Africa/Australia/South America next spring and summer, and what all I need to do about going to those places.

Additionally, it seems like all the school work is hitting us all at once. We're working on a television show pilot script. I am so not a writer, so it's a challenging project. And there is our producing project. We have to adapt a book/play into a feature-length script. Thank goodness we don't have to write that script, but we do have to do coverage on the book, pitch the project on Monday, and then create a treatment for the movie as our final project. And then there's the Lisa France project. Our crazy directing teacher. There are three short video projects floating around. They involve lawn mowers, spray painted roses, and Pauly Shore.

So what did I do this week in LA? Monday night the music class watched Band From TV's rehearsal. That was sweet. I cooked dinner on Tuesday. And the highlight of the week? Besides meeting Greg Grunberg, was finishing season 1 of How I Met Your Mother. This weekend's goal is to finish season 2. It will happen.

We're going to California Adventure tomorrow. And Sunday we're doing homework. Serious, serious amounts of homework.

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Erin said...

dude. when i was in LA we figured we probably acted different there than we did at home in austin. we named our other identities things like LaRane (Rane), AndyLa (Andy), etc. your profile name jsut made me think of that.

plus you have inspired me to (yet again) try and create a blog and stay with it.

ps - reading all this really makes me miss it all