Friday, March 7, 2008

soldier boy

The weekend in Laguna was nice, despite me being pretty sick. I knew last Thursday I was coming down with that horrible virus that has plagued 7/22 people thus far. I’m almost completely better today, which I can confirm based on the number of times I’ve needed to blow my nose. Only two, thankyouverymuch. Laguna was lovely, nice beaches, beautiful scenery, a pleasant escape.

This week concludes the stint with D-Phil. It was an exciting week. I sat in the control room for one episode, and got many an autograph during another. Cross Adrian Grenier, Illeana Douglas, and Gene Simmons from my “celebs to meet” list. I also got free lunch and the most delicious chocolate cake I’ve ever had, compliments to Dr. Phil’s assistant. The day at Moonlight was also good. I drove the golf cart around for awhile trying to find the Telecom building, yet ended up driving by New York Street, Chicago Street, and Miss Patty’s. The WB lot is amazing.

And a definite highlight of the week was meeting James Denton during music class on Monday. He’s a proud member of Band from TV, a band composed of television celebs and managed by our music prof. He told us about his journey to LA from Tennessee, his affiliation with John Edwards, his dream to teach high school history in Montana, and his recent purchase of the Orange County Flyers. Charlotte posted the picture, if you’re curious.

Speaking of celebs… a few of us went to a club in West Hollywood and ran into, none other than KEVIN from The Office. That was cool. Seeing an overweight 40-something year-old strike up a conversation with Megan about hanging his coat on the blocked coat rack. We plan to return there on Saturday, and maybe we’ll run into Jim.

I also went to the Rufus Wainwright concert at USC with Richard. Had a very nice time, got to meet some of his crazy friends and see Sara Epperson. Of course Lost was amazing, and my pictures finally came in the mail, so the scrapbook is progressing steadily.

Lauren gets in town tomorrow and we have an insanely busy week ahead of ourselves. Beach, museums, Ketchup. On Monday we’ll drive up the PCH to San Francisco, stopping at Hearst Castle along the way. Spend that night with Evan, hit up the city some more on Tuesday, spend night #2 with John, and return after breakfast on Wednesday. She goes home Thursday, and Friday I leave for Vegas. Sure beats Kansas.

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sure beats kansas? whatevs!