Friday, March 28, 2008

UT v. Stanford game day!

Saturday: DCA was glorious. The best part were the freshly made tortillas at the Mission Tortilla Factory. We missed Wine Tasting by about 35 minutes, so will just have to make a trip to a real vineyard within the last month we're here. I got soaking wet on Grizzly River Canyon, which was not fun at all, but we road Screamin' Over California a total of three times, which was indeed quite fun. And we went to the Anaheim Sonic, the closest LA location. I have never appreciated Sonic more than I did last Saturday night.

Sunday: I was reminded about how much homework sucks. What a happy Easter, spending nearly 10 hours struggling at adapting my book into a screenplay to pitch to class on Monday. The work paid off though, we all passed and Kerew said I did a nice job with my pitch.

Elliot's directing project shoots this weekend, and somehow I have taken on the role of UPM/Line Producer. So I've been busy with pre-production for that. We'll see how smoothly it goes. I hate being on set for things like this, but the pressure is off me come Saturday morning, and I feel pretty confident with the things I've done thus far. We're schedule to shoot Saturday noon-7pm and Sunday 8am-7pm, so that's pretty much the entire weekend. Except for the part tonight were we are having our TV Themed Costume Party. I'm quite excited to see what everybody comes up with. Oh, and the part on Sunday evening where I'm going to the Ducks v. Stars hockey game.

Moonlight is keeping me busy 2 days a week. Today it has been pretty stressful trying to plan the concept meeting. I almost wish I had a higher position so I could be stressed out about things like this, instead of amused. I had to call the same people twice to tell them the time had changed. I knew it wasn't my fault, so I didn't feel too terribly sad about it. I also had to go to the commissary twice today to get people food. That was a pleasant break from the office atmosphere. Driving around the Gilmore Girls set in the golf cart never ever gets old.

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erin leigh said...

can you take pictures of the gilmore set for me?!