Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kick, Clap, Speaker

This past weekend marks the one-year anniversary of starting up my blog again. It also marks the one-year anniversary of working at LIM. Oh, and the one-year anniversary of the Canyon Lake weekend.

I failed to go into great detail in last year’s post, so I’ll explain a bit more this time around. Last summer, James and Joe decided it’d be fun to rent a lake house to celebrate their birthdays, and enjoy the Ghostland Observatory concert just down the way.

The house we rent is about 30 minutes away from the concert venue. It also sleeps nearly 20 people, and even more with air mattresses. So, all of us friends get to play family for the weekend, as we prepared meals, cleaned the kitchen, played beer pong, relaxed in the water, and had two-not over until 4am, no wait, 5am dance parties. Some of my favorites:
Family Dinner


oh but wait...


And finally... The Epic Dance Party #2

Natalie hit it on the nose with her reflection, as I too have to remind myself nearly every weekend. I am so fortunate to have finally found good friends family. I love you guys!

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