Friday, February 15, 2008

converse with crosswords

This week at Dr. Phil I worked more than I ever have. Tuesday we taped our episode, “Still Chasing the Crown,” yet instead of watching from the stage, I got to (drum roll please) answer the phone, guard somebody’s birthday card, and telephone potential guests. Breaking the news to Dr. Phil fans that they might get to be on the show was quite exciting. Lately I am being included in a lot more personal conversations, and this morning they told me I could get myself coffee as a part of the coffee run I make for other people. I was delighted.

Even though things are better, I started the search for a new internship yesterday. Since the strike has ended (yay, television!) I figure scripted shows probably need some interns. I’m sending emails and I’ll fax some shows on Monday in hopes that some Production Managers or Line Producers need a little bit of assistance.

I spend much of my time at work on the internet looking up various things. This week these included hotels, beaches, and entertainment venues in San Diego. A group of us are heading down there Saturday morning to return Sunday night. The agenda includes the beaches of La Jolla, Pizooki with Richard, Ari, and Rachel, the Gaslamp District nightlife, and the world famous zoo. I’m quite excited.

Classes are moving along. We have less homework this week than last, but much crazier teachers. Lisa France, our directing instructor, informed us of her “top secret” production idea, and seriously freaked us out with our shorts. She expects a lot out of us, and I’m pretty sure we will end up with nothing. Other work includes: a 5 week deadline to create our television pilots and a Monday due date for a CD with songs from my top 5 favorite albums of all time. Not too bad at all.

And to conclude this week of LA life: Lost. Is. Amazing.

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