Friday, February 29, 2008

still haven't met Michael Cera

I started my second internship at Moonlight on Thursday. It is an entirely different environment than Dr. Phil. Everybody seems so much busier, but so much friendlier. I feel I have gotten to know some of their staff better in one day than I have gotten to know all of the Dr. Phil staff. On my first day they let me organize their office supplies. Oh man it was amazing. They have this whole room full of tvs and coolers and bulletin boards, stuff they took from their old office. I can hardly wait until I get to organize that room! The WB lot is amazing, and there is a lot more I still need to see. I checked out the Gilmore Girls set though, indescribably awesome. If only I could actually see Rory and Jess walking around in it… After Spring Break I’ll work over there more than just one day a week, but until then it’s Dr. Phil for the next week, and Moonlight on Thursdays.

11 of us went to Disneyland last Saturday, an experience that was probably one of the top five greatest moments of my life. Space Mountain was my favorite ride, along with Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Indiana Jones, Matterhorn, and the new Finding Nemo submarine ride. I do not think I have laughed or smiled or felt as much joy in one day in such a long time. We did not get home until 2am Saturday night, putting me into the “lack of sleep, seriously delirious” giddy-mood. So basically Disneyland is the best high ever.

Sunday I went to the supermarket with Jon and Shane to get our meals to prepare for the “Super Secret Dinner Club.” I took the collectivist idea mom suggested by combining forces and having group meals a few times a week. It’s nice to come home from work to a freshly cooked meal, especially when it’s not your night to cook. And of course the Oscars were Sunday night… we were going to go to Pinkberry, but realized traffic around Hollywood and Sunset would be insane. So that didn’t happen.

And I know you’re wondering about the celebrity sightings thus far:
We all ate dinner for Tess’s birthday at the same place as Bruce Vilanch.
Shane saw two dudes from How I Met Your Mother on the Fox lot this morning.
Sarah met and toured the studio of Disney artist, David Willardson.
Megan auditioned the bum from Superbad.
Nick auditioned the creepy guy who asks if they are on Mysepace from Superbad, and said he was just as creepy in person.
Aaron and people saw Monique.
Tess went to the same party as Nick Lache and Vanessa Minnillo.
Barrett saw two dudes from Weeds at lunch together.
Josh “brushed shoulders” with Shia Lebuff and his mom at the movie theatre.
Aaron and Josh literally, ran into Jeremy Piven.
Megan saw Randy Jackson in her office
Marcella saw Katherine Heigel at the E! Oscar after party.
Ben swears he saw Ashley Olsen.

I’m spending this weekend with my mom in Laguna Beach, and am leaving work in 45 minutes to go get her from the airport. I’m a bit under the weather as well, and am hoping I’ll be able to relax in the sun hope that all I need is a serious dose of Vitamin D.

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