Friday, February 8, 2008

I found gas for $2.99!

Since last week I have been contemplating another internship. Things have not picked up as much as I thought they would. However, I am enjoying my time at Dr. Phil a lot more. I am getting to know people around the office, scoping out the people who hold the power, trying not being as shy… but I still feel like somebody else could use me more. It reminds me of those days in high school where you yearned to be in college and be productive. If the writers strike really does end this weekend, I’m pretty sure I’ll move on.

I have stuffed a lot of envelopes full of free VIP tickets to get mailed around the country to various volunteer organizations. I am also feeling more confident answering the phone and transferring calls. On Tuesday I researched potential show guests, trying to find somebody actively opposed to mom’s competing in Mrs. America pageants. We tape that episode next Tuesday morning. I have to get here at 6:30am. Bringing back the good ol’ days of 6am Central Market shifts…

Besides work, things are hectic. Monday as class day is sooo long. The teachers have started the major assignments, which are not as bad as they would be at UT, but homework nonetheless. This weekend I have to write a structural analysis of a movie I like and a movie I do not like. She’s the Man v. Sweeney Todd. We are also in the midst of developing half hour television pilots. My team has created a single camera comedy. I cannot really discuss it online, in case some studio execs discover this blog and decide to develop it. In another class we are developing a 15-30minute film. The teacher is crazy and thinks we have time to make something good. I had a brilliant idea about a registered sex offender living among a group of college grads, but definitely do not have the required time to devote to the project. The crazy teacher also doesn’t think pedophilia is nearly as funny as the rest of us do. Soooo instead we’re going to make a short about an intense “mow off.” Think Dodgeball meets lawn mowers.

This weekend will be a lot of movies. Possibly hiking around Griffith Park and hitting up the Observatory. I still need to get some Pazookie and play tennis. I just need to get my papers done, as hard as I try to be irresponsible; I always have to finish my homework first.

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