Friday, April 4, 2008

last night we discovered the yogurt world in burbank

We shot Elliot's project last weekend. It wasn't that fun, but he seems pretty happy with how it turned out. The whole experience reminded me that my favorite part of filmmaking is the part that happens right up to when the cameras begin rolling. It was pretty cool to be working towards being so professional. I was working on call sheets and script breakdowns for the projects at work on Tuesday, and felt a little more knowledgeable having my own stuff going on. Lawn Boys and Pauly Shore are this weekend, which will be crazy-busy and tiring. And to make things even busier, I got a free ticket to Six Flags tonight from 7-12am, meaning I already know I'll be tired in the morning. But you can't pass on a chance like that.

I went to my first hockey game on Sunday. The Ducks beat the Stars in overtime + a shoot out. I saw a bunch of power plays, and a fight broke out within the first 15 minutes of the game. Baseball season started on Monday and the Royals are 3-0. They swept the Tigers, and Greinke did great. That doesn't relate to LA though... however I have been reading up on the Dodgers so I'll be ready for the April 26th game.

Also this week we shared our scripts for TV writing. iSean was a great success. We're essentially done with that class, meaning the work load just got a little bit smaller. Even though pilot season is totally out of whack because of the strike this year, the daily updates are pretty interesting. Television is fascinating.

One hour left of work today. The bosses are dealing with budgeting and the door is open so I get to hear everything. It's awesooome.

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