Friday, April 18, 2008

watching family guy at work

On account of being exhausted from Huntington Beach all day Saturday, we didn't go hiking on Sunday. However, I did finally visit an authentic CPK, which was fantastic. And I went to Yogurt World (again, I know) that night with Sarah and Thai. Sunday was mostly just homework all day. I already got the stuff we have to do for next week done, so this weekend will be homework free for me!

I got to see the Royals beat the Angels down in Anaheim on Wednesday night. Their stadium is pretty nice. Our seats were in left field, right behind the bullpen. So we were like 5 feet from all the pitchers, it was great.

Thursday four of us went to the taping of ELLEN. We got $50 itunes gift cards. And saw Ewan McGreggor, Jason Segal, a record-setting skier, and the girl who just got voted off of American Idol. That night we celebrated being finished with Lisa France's directing class at Lisa France's friend's apartment in Hollywood. It was a pretty swanky place.

This weekend: free movies on the Fox lot, possibly seeing Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and definitely hiking Runyon Canyon.

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