Friday, April 11, 2008

Getty Center and Pink's (check!)

Six Flags Magic Mountain was insane. Never before have I ridden more roller coasters in such a short period of time. Thank Josh and Aaron for the tickets, because I do not think it would have been worth it if it wasn’t free. These coasters were INSANE. The Tatsu leans you forward so you are essentially lying on your stomach the entire time. The first part is like you’re flying, but the whole free-falling headfirst is not so fun. My favorite was SCREAM, the suspended roller coaster. It's a lot like Superman at Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio.

Saturday-Sunday we did Lawn Boys until sunset, and Pauly Shore into the night. Kudos to Scott, Brett, and Elliot, who worked crazy hard on Lawn Boys then turned around to help out Marcela at night. Sunday night was a great relief, and being done with it made for a very good time. However, the Pauly project still has a lot to be re-shot and organized; I really hope everything works out.

Tuesday at Moonlight I met the new director, whose credits include Lost and Alias. I overheard my superiors discussing my closest pals, Greg Grunberg and Jordan Levin, and kicked myself for not mentioning my connection to them. Plus they talked about Michael Cera, mentioning, but not appreciating the true genius of I should have said something... dang-it.

We went to Jimmy Kimmel Tuesday night and saw Thomas Haden Church, Adam Ferrera, and Phantom Planet. The band was the best part. Yesterday was one of the most amazing experiences thus far, The Price is Right. Aaron got to “come on down,” and we went CRAZY. He ALMOST won a car, and almost got to do the Showcase Showdown, but instead just came away with a $3000 fireplace.

We’re going to Huntington Beach tomorrow, shooting more of Pauly Shore, and going hiking through Ruynon Canyon on Sunday. If the weather is anything like today- it will be perfect.

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