Friday, April 25, 2008

yes, that is creepy

Two thumbs up for Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Runyon Canyon was amazing. Taking music from everybody in UTLA has made my computer go from 6 gigs to almost 15 gigs.

I watched Into the Wild this week with Y217. I found it surprisingly moving. It took us 2 nights to watch, and after we finally finished I found myself lying in bed talking to Sarah about existentialism, which is becoming one of my new favorite topics to ponder before going to sleep.

On a less fortunate note, I have super large amounts of homework going on. Our 3 final projects are due next week. Producing, producing, producing.

Moonlight wraps today and premiers tonight. Unfortunately I cannot make the wrap party at the Dodger's game on Sunday because we have our alumni beach party thing all afternoon. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Yesterday was unbelievable. Alex, on, and I waited in line for hours and hours to see Flight of the Conchords play, then waited in live for more hours to get Jemaine and Bret to sign stuff. And, we succeeded with both. I feel like I have accomplished so much. The boys were so cute, it was great.

Tonight is Magic Castle. Magic Castle is an exclusive magic club in Hollywood. It's the prize for participating in the scavenger hunt Jon and I did ages ago. Just a conscience that the only weekend Phil was available happens to be our last weekend here. The affair will be quite the celebration for us and our +1s.

Next week will be the last post, because after that it's back to Kansas and the end of one of the most unforgettable periods of my life thus far.

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